There are many different criteria that women consider when choosing designer celebrity handbags. It can vary from the price range, to the look, style and appeal. But sometimes, the choice is swayed depending on the  celebrities who actually wear the bags that women are choosing from. So here are 10 of the hottest designer bags that the world’s famous celebrities have been seen sporting.

1.       Coach Bags – First on our list is Coach. This New York-based designer bag has been a favorite of a great number of celebrities led by Anne Hathaway because of the superb materials that were used in crafting them.

2.       Louis Vuitton – do we still need to justify why this brand of celebrity handbags is on our list? This Paris-based fashion house has produced handbags that have been stunners and seen carried by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

3.       Gucci – this Italian brand has been making waves since the 1920s and the magic and appeal it brings to the table has not waned. Jacky Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor are just two of the many loyal patrons of the brand.

4.        Dooney & Bourke – designs and materials that shout nothing but luxury are the trademarks of Dooney and Bourke as celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, and Emma Roberts join many others in sporting them. 

5.       Prada – when you talk of celebrity handbags made in Italy, chances are Prada would be the first name that comes into your mind. It’s chic and classy bags have captured the hearts of Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff and Liv Tyler, among others.

6.       Kate Spade – designed by Kate Spade, a former fashion editor turned bag maker, her celebrity handbags have made it to the fashion scene for their chic, classy and highly functional designs.

7.       Burberry – the check pattern is automatically associated with Burberry and stars like Victoria Beckham and Cameron Diaz are the frontrunners who carry these elegantly-styled bags.

8.       Fendi – every handbag collection should have the double “F” logo included. Just ask Paris Hilton, Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Simpson and they would gladly flaunt their Fendi Purseor bag that is oozing with elegance and a refined aura that will surely make anyone carrying them an instant celebrity in her own right.

9. Chanel – being one of the most popular and most recognizable brands in all of the fashion industry, Chanel designer bags can normally be seen being carried by celebrities like Nicole. Chanel has also quality shoulder bags.

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